This is a conceptual project.
Athlone Institute of Technology and Limerick Institute of Technology to become a Technological University - now known as TUS. I created this project as a concept for a Masters project. 
Technological universities were recently set up in Ireland to address the social and economic needs of their region, engage in industry-focused research, focus on vocationally and professionally oriented science and technology programmes, and to facilitate access and progression, particularly through relationships with further education and the training sector. The aim is to allow access routes and pathways to anyone, regardless of societal background, to a university education. This is potentially transformational for people who may never normally dream of a university education.
The ALTU logo reflects this idea of disruption and pathways. The logo design also allowed for fractal breaks which open the brand up to create a flexible, bold, and innovative identity system. The fractal breaks are transformed into various 2D and 3D shapes which represent the transformation of the student. The students create their own pathway to university whereby they can transform their lives and shape it how they wish. ATLU would be positioned as a bold, innovative disruptive challenger brand.
 The main attributes I wanted to communicate from the brief were brave, bold, progressive, transformative, confident and empowering. ALTU is a new type of university, a modern, progressive, and inclusive home to anyone who constructs their own pathway, so it needed a different type of branding approach - flexible system that can bend, mould and transform to whatever medium in which it's message would be delivered.

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