Black and Green

This project is a proposed online exhibition that answers the question of ‘How can graphic design enhance the message of protest music?’ A major aspect of this project was collaboration with designers, authors, journalist and musicians on the subject of protest music, protest graphics and civil rights. Designers Craig Oldham and Anthony Burrill joined me for interviews, along with journalists and authors such as Eamonn McCann and Dorian Lynskey. The exhibition discover how music insired and linked the Irish and American civil rights movements. The exhibition would have three rooms which will house interviews, articles, Q&A sessions etc. The Music room explores how music linked and inspired the two movements. The Design room discovers how graphic designers use their skills, techniques and processes to protest in their work. The Fight room explores the link between the Irish and American civil rights movements.

“For some reason, the slave owners seemed to think that this was totally fine, because they were just singing bits in the Bible. So there’s this sort of tradition of coded dissent.” Dorian Lynskey

© Daire Taylor